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An Introduction to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the reimagination of the digital age. Successful organizations are constantly reevaluating their technologies to create new or improve upon their internal and external processes and experiences. After the global pandemic swept through the entire world and forced many people into working remotely, digital transformation has become even more important. From the tools we use to the way we use them, transforming your company and making the most out of technology is vital in helping your organization succeed in an ever-changing world.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation includes everything from software, cloud technology, machine learning, and automation and is driven by customer or company expectations around business performance. True digital transformation requires cross-departmental collaboration in aligning business philosophies with advanced technology to achieve business goals, pursue new business models, and secure new revenue streams. Think of digital transformation as anything your company can do to implement new and improved technologies into your business strategies.

There are a number of digital hacks to improve the productivity and performance of your organization. The right digital transformation strategy can ensure you’re making the most of all the tools available. It helps to have a team dedicated to the digital transformation process. A digital transformation consultant can guide you through all the prep work, research, and development behind existing and emerging technologies to figure out what’s best to support your company’s growth.

Another thing to consider is that for many tech and knowledge workers, as long as they can connect to the internet, they can do their job. It’s essential to make sure that the technology supports your workers. Do your teams need new laptops? Smartphones? Software? Online storage space? Thinking ahead about how to make technology accessible is a large part of the digital transformation process. Digital transformation is as much a mindset shift as it is a technological shift. To be successful, everyone needs to be on board.

How to Implement Digital Transformation in Your Organization

There are so many ways to do this, from the tools you choose to the people you hire. Having the right skills on staff is essential to any digital transformation. This is where a digital transformation consultant is invaluable. A consultant can help identify the big picture and streamline operations. Whether you’re working with a consultant or not, here are some tips to consider when undergoing a digital transformation:

  • Identify long term goals and the tools that can help you get there

  • Survey both your teams and customers to see where improvements can be made

  • Make preemptive changes based on the needs of your business

  • Align IT with business teams and objectives to ensure successful enterprise-wide initiatives

  • Pay attention to who and what is making waves in your industry as a whole

Digital Transformation Leaders

A good digital transformation leader works to empower their team and thinks outside the box. Emerging technologies are great, but having the foresight to understand how they fit into your company is even more important. Your team leaders can learn a few things from digital transformation consultants who specialize in the future of tools and technology.

It's okay to start small, test different things, and see what works and what doesn’t. A good digital transformation consultant, however, should be able to help speed up this process as they have a vast understanding of the technology your organization is currently using and the tools you may not yet be aware of.

The Future of Digital Transformation

As the world evolves, technology will only continue to adapt. This last year has proven that to be more true than ever. It’s imperative to maintain a digital transformation team that’s always looking ahead.

With a team of consultants dedicated solely to helping your company make use of the best technology, you can be sure you won’t fall behind the curve. Your digital transformation team will be there to keep an eye on technological updates, what other companies in your industry are doing, and what your customers and clients expect from your team.

The future is now. Your staff needs to be on board with digital transformation for your company to continue progressing. A digital transformation consultant can help you implement the right technology and learn what works best for your company. If you’re looking for a partner that can walk you through the digital transformation process at any stage of your company, contact the experts at Magnataur today.

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